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A Christmas Carol Novel Study Unit – This read aloud companion contains over 40 pages printable reading comprehension activities. Designed to keep students accountable during read aloud time, it contains journal prompt pages, question cards, literary element analysis, and reading strategy based activities,

✅Save time planning with these easy to implement NO PREP resources. The wide variety of activities focus on reading comprehension and literary analysis, and encourage students to think critically and engage with text. Detailed answer keys are also included.

Highlights of this engaging read aloud companion include:

⭐Journal Prompt Pages – each journal page includes two questions for students to answer while listening to the story read aloud. This is great way to keep students accountable during read aloud time!

⭐Journal Prompt Cards – a full set of journal prompt cards have been included. These can be laminated, stacked, and placed on a binder ring for easy teacher access while reading. These contain the same questions as on the student journal pages.

⭐Pre-Reading Activity – a pre-reading activity is included to access prior knowledge and get students excited about the story.

⭐Journal Cover Page – two different versions are included.

⭐Elements of Literature Notes – detailed student notes on plot, character, conflict, and setting are included to use along with the resource.

⭐Elements of Literature Analysis Pages – activities to practice analyzing literary elements are included. These pages can be added to student journal packets for students to work on at any point during the read aloud.

⭐Reading Strategy Based Graphic Organizers – these focus on making connections, visualizing, summarizing, and questioning. A wide variety of different worksheets and activities are included – choose the ones that work best for your learners. These can be added to the student journal packet for students to work on at any point during the read aloud.