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Engage Adolescent English Language Arts students (Grades 10-12) with Flannery O’Connor’s classic short story “A Good Man is Hard to Find.

O’Connor’s short story is a compelling read, dealing with issues related to class, race, moral hypocrisy, and violence. In the story, a woman from the American South goes on a family vacation to Florida. But not everything turns out as expected . . .

Use this Digital Download for a Two-day English Language Arts Lesson 

Using my tested-in-the-classroom resources, teenagers will want to discuss this satirical story’s explosive and ironic events. So I have loaded this resource with discussion questions that will get your students talking and writing! N.B. — The short story is not included in this digital download, but I provide multiple links to the story online.

Common Core Standards:

This resource aligns well with the Reading Literature standard CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.11-12.2. Keep in mind that this lesson works well with eleventh and twelfth graders; I have used it to teach Ninth and Tenth graders — and mature seventh and eighth-graders. 

This Resource Includes the Following Features:

  • Teacher’s Lesson Guide & Notes
  • Biography Non-Fiction Reading Worksheet + Questions and Research 
  • 2 Entrance and Exit Tickets
  • Discussion Question Sets (14 questions total)
  • Essay Writing Prompt (with a Note-taking graphic organizer)
  • Further Reading List
  • Answer Keys

I created this resource with high school students in mind. It is designed for a typical High School English curriculum short story unit on character and foreshadowing. You can use this resource as a stand-alone lesson or pair it with a larger unit on American Literature and the Short Story. It also works well in a Humanities course, a Southern Literature course, a Creative Writing class, or a teen advisory lesson on racism, violence in America, and class.

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