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This set of A-Z or STEM Jobs posters is great for science classroom décor or careers discussions.

This full color poster pack comes with 26 individual posters and a bonus of 26 black and white coloring pages

This pack contains of posters of-

  1. A for Astronaut
  2. B for Biologist
  3. C for Chemist
  4. D for Dermatologist
  5. E for Engineer
  6. F for Food Scientist
  7. G for Geologist
  8. H for Herpetologist
  9. I for Inventor
  10. J for Java Developer
  11. K for Kinetic Engineer
  12. L for Laboratory Technician
  13. M for Meteorologist
  14. N for Nanotechnologist
  15. O for Oceanographer
  16. P for Palaeontologist
  17. Q for Quantum Physicist
  18. R for Roboticist
  19. S for Science Communicator
  20. T for Toxicologist
  21. U for Urban Planner
  22. V for Volcanologist
  23. W for Wetlands Ecologist
  24. X for X-ray Tecnician
  25. Y for Yard Engineer
  26. Z for Zoologist

Please look at the video preview for see each page more detail.

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