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This set of 3 worksheets provides practice in recognizing and using abstract nouns. Two of the worksheets give a reminder of what an abstract noun is.

  • One worksheet asks students to circle the abstract nouns in given sentences;
  • One worksheet asks students to determine if given nouns are abstract or concrete, and asks students to write sentences using given abstract nouns;
  • One worksheet asks students to choose abstract nouns from a box to complete sentences, and asks them to write sentences using given abstract nouns.

These are great for review or reinforcement of this concept, or for students just learning about abstract nouns.

These worksheets are designed for Grades 3-4, and support Common Core standards L3.1, L.3.1c, L.3.1i, L.3.2, L.4.1, L.4.1f.


This resource is formatted for use with Google Drive. The
content is not editable, but there are text boxes for students to write
their answers.


This resource is also available in PDF format:  Abstract Nouns – 3 worksheets – Grades 3-4


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