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Get your students motivated to put forth their best effort and meet their goals with a brand new reward system. With these choice boards and academic badges, students earn rewards and recognition for completing tasks related to each of the 41 badges. With options for differentiation, you can cater to all students in your classroom and empower your students to own their performance. 

What You Get: 

✓ A guide to implementing this system in your classroom

✓ A badge tracker to keep student achievements organized 

✓ 41 different badges in 3 versions

  • Color
  • Ink-saving
  • Personalize it!

✓ Choice boards with 5-6 tasks for each badge (you choose how many to assign!)

✓ Optional grading rubrics for each task 

How It Works: 

✓ Students are given a choice board of tasks related to the academic badge 

✓ You decide how many tasks you want students to complete (easy differentiation!) 

✓ After task completion, use the rubrics to assess work (optional) 

✓ Award badges! 

When to Use the Choice Boards: 

✓ Whole group 

✓ Small group 

✓ Early finishers 

✓ Homework 

Not only are these academic badges great for classroom teachers, but they’re perfect for tutors, paraprofessionals, volunteers, and substitutes too! 

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