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Accountable Talk Introduction PowerPoint and Tools


This product is also included in the ACCOUNTABLE TALK BUNDLE!



☆ INTRODUCTION to Accountable Talk PowerPoint

☆ 57 pages

☆ Printables / PowerPoint / Digital

☆ Suitable for Middle and High School Students

☆ Excellent for ALL Subject Areas

☆ Includes 3 Google Slide Links

This resource includes:

—— Introduction to Accountable Talk PowerPoint (25 Slides)

—— 3 Accountable Talk Sentence Starter Bookmarks

—— 1 Desk Tag (Color and B&W)

—— Accountable Talk Sentence Starter Worksheet (Color and B&W)

—— 3 Student Worksheets (to follow along during presentation)

—— 2 Answer Keys/Sample Response Worksheets

—— Discussion Norms/Guidelines Posters (2 Variations)

—— 3 Google Slide Links

In order for students to engage in productive and meaningful classroom talk, students have to be explicitly taught how to have these conversations. This Introduction to Accountable Talk PowerPoint Presentation Packet contains everything you need to introduce the concept of Accountable Talk. 

✅ The PowerPoint, which consists of 25 student-friendly slides, and mature, colorful graphics, will help you teach your students the following:

✅ What Accountable Talk is and WHY we need productive talk in our classroom.

✅ The procedures and expectations of Accountable Talk.

✅ How to build a productive classroom culture by using Accountable Talk.

✅How to engage in a meaningful, valuable, and productive conversation/discussion with their peers.

These materials will provide them with varied opportunities to practice, apply, and build “new” language proficiency. These tools will also enhance their listening and speaking skills and increase rigor in the classroom!


▶️ Introduction to Accountable Talk PowerPoint

✅ Consists of 25 PowerPoint Slides.

✅ Uneditable PowerPoint due to copyright purposes.

✅ Includes two student-version slides where worksheets have been provided to help you engage students in discussion (about the topics in those two slides)

✅ Visually appealing and colorful. Contains student-friendly, age-appropriate, mature graphics.

✅ PowerPoint and Digital versions included. (PowerPoint and Google Slides)

▶️ Accountable Talk Sentence Starter Stems

✅ Sentence Starters are included in the form of a worksheet, bookmarks, and desk tag (Color and B&W)

✅ PDF version / printable / uneditable

▶️ Student Worksheets

✅ There are three student worksheets: two worksheets align to two slides in the PowerPoint presentation. You will be able to stop at two points in the PowerPoint presentation and engage students in discussion about two particular topics. Students can share their thoughts. The third worksheet is reflection worksheet that includes 3 questions.

✅ Print and Digital versions. (Text boxes are already created to make it easier for you and your students)

✅ Two detailed Answer Keys are included.

▶️ Discussion Norms/Guidelines Posters

✅ Included are two sets of Discussion Norms/Guidelines Posters that include the same content and images, but differ in fonts and backgrounds.

✅ Print and Digital versions included


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