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Item description

These Acts of Kindness posters come in black/white and color! Each one has 2 different fonts to choose from too! The black/white could be printed on colored paper if you want.

24 Slides that say:

Hold the door open for someone

Leave a letter in a library book

Let someone go ahead of you in line

Compliment a friend

Write a thank you note to your teacher

Tell someone why they are special to you

Read a book to someone

Say hello to everyone you see

Invite someone to play

Invite someone to sit next to you

Tell the principal how great your teacher is

Say thank you when someone helps you

Help your teacher or friend

Help clean up the classroom

Teach someone something new

Write a poem for a friend

Make a homemade gift for someone

Volunteer to help clean up the school

Tell someone why you appreciate them

Share with a friend

Be a study buddy

Give someone a hug

Pick up trash without being asked

Color a picture for someone

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