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Practice math and Bible at the same time! These pages are a great way to practice adding and subtracting fractions while learning or practicing a Bible verse. Solve the equation and put the corresponding word above the correct answer.

(All of the answers are in lowest terms- reducing the answers is not necessary.)

There are 10 pages/puzzles:

  • Pages 3&4 are adding fractions with like denominators
  • Pages 5&6 are subtracting with like denominators
  • Pages 7&8 are adding fractions with unlike denominators
  • Pages 9&10 are subtracting fractions with unlike denominators
  • Pages 11&12 are a mixture of all of the above:)
  • Page 13 is a quick-key of the Bible Verses
  • Pages 14-23 are the full answer keys

I used NIV for this assignment.

I hope you enjoy!

Please note before downloading or purchasing: All of my products contain crosses, Bible scripture, and/or references to God.


*This product has 10 student puzzles/pages and the answer key (24 total pages).