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Learning to regroup can be difficult skill to master. These step-by-step posters give students a visual model to follow for both addition and subtraction. They break down each step of the standard algorithm showing it with both numerals and base-ten blocks.


  • Addition Posters (4 steps)
  • Subtraction Posters (5 steps)
  • Student Reference Sheets – Posters scaled down to fit on one page


The posters can be used during instruction as visual support while teaching students the procedure for regrouping. They can be printed out or projected onto your whiteboard. I suggest having the class work out problems together while viewing the posters until they are ready to try it independently.

The student reference pages are a perfect addition to student folders. They can refer to the sheets while working independently in class or at home.

While the posters only show regrouping ones and tens, it is easy to extend the lesson to the hundreds place since the procedure is the same. Once students understand the idea of regrouping, continuing on into other place values is much easier.