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This Readers’ Theater “The Tortoise and the Hare” WHOLE CLASS script is hare-larious fable fun for both ELA and Drama grades 3-5 students. This 24 role script will have your class cheering on Tortoise -“You go girl!”- and applauding as she crosses the finish line first in a hare-racing adventure. It will give your students high interest practice in reading aloud, understanding humor, and inferencing. It also teaches fable, theme, and moral. Perfect for Drama performances too! If you have a class that dislikes anything they perceive as “babyish”, this 7 page amusing script will get a thumbs-up.

Each student has approximately the same number of words and speaks three times. The most exciting feature of the script is the frequency of the EVERYONE responses, where the whole class responds or performs an action together. Ideal attentive listening practice! Students must listen carefully to work out the jokes and ensure that they don’t lose their next opportunity to participate in the paws-itively amazing fun.

An optional animals improv is included as a fun warm-up before the reading. After completing the script, students answer moral and theme questions. They also write an extension ELA or Drama assignment. The writing pages all have coloring borders to add to the fun. For a relaxing break for tired brains, some animal riddles and a maze are included. The maze leads your students to win a trophy, just like Tortoise!

What’s included

Explanations of Aesop, fable, moral & theme

Warm-up drama improv animals exercise

7 page script

Fable and script questions

Creative writing assignment for ELA & Drama

Animal riddles

Trophy maze


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