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These sheets can be used as individual cards or as sheets in the reading journals/folders to accompany some of Aesop’s fables.

This collection was created to increase reading awareness, character building, promote self-analysis, and help students make comparisons in real life. This is perfect for kids aged 10 and above since some of the words used are challenging. Examples of these words are: envious, attribute, convince, imitate, qualified, attempted, and disadvantaged to name a few.

Check out some of the questions you will find inside by the thumbnails above or check the preview. All the questions will range depending on the story but will ask frequently what is the moral of the story.

Questions for the following Aesop’s fables included:

  • The tortoise and the hare

  • The fox and the stork

  • The peacock’s complaint

  • The two crabs

  • The fox without a tail

  • Caesar and the slave

  • The woodcock and the mallard

  • The eagle and the crow

  • The owl and nightingale

  • The man and the lion

  • The fox and the woodcutter

  • The boys and the frogs

  • The stag in the ox stall

  • The man and his two wives

  • The lion and the fox

  • The brother and the sister

  • Jupiter’s lottery

  • The owl and the grasshopper

  • The ass and the frogs

  • The eagle the cat and the sow

  • The sick kite

  • The boasting traveler

  • The ant and the fly

  • The two pots

  • The wolf and the crane

  • The fly in St. Paul’s Cupola

  • The farmer and the stork

  • The goat and the boy

  • The fatal courtship

  • The two rabbits

  • The travelers and the bear

  • The envious glow worm

  • The swallow and the serpent

  • The fox and the boar

  • The hares and the frogs

  • The ass and the sick lion

  • The lioness and the fox

  • The cock and the jewel

  • The lion, the ass, and the fox

  • The lion in love

  • The sheep biter

  • The serpent and the man

  • The dog and his shadow

  • The fox and the ape

  • The stag and the fawn

  • The falconer and the partridge

  • The miser

  • A man bitten by a dog

  • The lion and the slave

  • The hunter, the fox and the tiger

  • The thrush and the fowler

  • The ass and the little dog

Take 10 minutes reading a fable every day and student’s will have time to reflect and answer the questions and how that correlates to our lives.

Enjoy the reading. 🙂