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Item description

Jump back in to Spanish class after a school break or vacation with this no-prep BINGO activity – on paper or online! This is a great resource for all levels of Spanish and students of all backgrounds.

I’ve used this with Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 and my students always love talking to each other in Spanish about their breaks. This activity is ready to print and easy to use, and you can use it after any break for any demographic.

This resource includes four differentiated versions: todo en español, todo en inglés, una mezcla, and supported Spanish. There’s also a digital version for students to use Google Jamboard to play.

This activity is culturally appropriate for any group of students.

The questions are general and not specific to students with higher or lower socioeconomic status. Every student can tell you that they slept a lot, or didn’t. You won’t find any questions about trips or work in this activity.

This Resource Includes:

  • Teacher cheat sheet for easy instruction
  • 4 Printable BINGO boards ready for students to play
  • Suggested follow-up and extension activities
  • Digital version for virtual instruction on Jamboard

Looking for an ESL version? Click here!

How to Use this Product (in-class):

  1. Choose your version or select different versions for varied student needs.
  2. Print one copy for each student. It’s helpful to have extras for students who make mistakes.
  3. Distribute BINGO boards to students.
  4. Direct students to turn and talk with peers seated nearby before encouraging them to stand up and move around the room to ask others about their vacation.

Virtual Use:

  1. Review the first slide to learn how Jamboard works.
  2. Duplicate the activity you want so each student has a page for themselves.
  3. Share the Jamboard with your students and have them put their names on a page.
  4. Encourage students to ask each other what they did over the vacation, and change the sticky notes so they include their peer’s name, ex: “Logan read over the vacation.”
  5. Students should keep track of their sticky notes to see when they have BINGO. They can keep playing for double BINGO or try to fill the board.

Options for connection: Play in small groups, playing whole-group

This product includes a non-editable PDF and a link to make a copy of the Jamboard.