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This set of Agriculture worksheets based on “Animal Production” have been designed to be used as short activities when a cover lesson needs to be quickly organised or could be used when students cannot complete practical activities with the remainder of the class. This resource is the second Agriculture specific resource in this series. The resources contained within this product have been designed for use in the classroom to assist in covering a topic or outcome. They have been formatted to allow for quick printing of individual lessons for emergency cover lessons when practical work cannot be completed due to teacher absence, unexpected unavailability of the workshop or other unexpected events.

Each worksheet has been formatted to allow for students to write their name and the date the lesson was given.

1. Parts of a Cow – Matching activity (SOLUTION INCLUDED)

2. Parts of a Bull – Matching activity (SOLUTION INCLUDED)

3. Parts of a Pig – Matching activity (SOLUTION INCLUDED)

4. Parts of a Cow – Find-A-Word (SOLUTION INCLUDED)

5. Parts of a Bull – Find-A-Word (SOLUTION INCLUDED)

6. Parts of a Pig – Find-A-Word (SOLUTION INCLUDED)