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Item description

Teach your early learners all about squares with this fun and interactive flip book!

Included are two different flip book types that allow for differentiation. One version of the flip book has dots students can point to as they read each word, and the second version of the book has “trace and write” words so high-level learners can trace and write the sentences as they go.

Allows students to interact with squares in several different ways:

  1. Reading about square attributes (pages 1-3)
  2. Identifying squares among a series of shapes (page 4)
  3. Drawing, creating, and coloring their own squares (page 5)

  • Dots under each word in the first book make sure students track each word on each page as they read.
  • Teacher prompts in the top right corners of pages serve as prompts teachers can give students to color sides and corners, increasing student interaction and engagement.
  • The book is designed to print single-sided so that early-finishers have space to draw and color additional squares on the blank sides/backs of pages (if needed).