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This volcano pack is going to be a hit with your students as they will be able to read, color, draw, and research information about volcanoes.

What’s included:

  • Volcanoes Vocabulary Picture Cards (Set of 16)

vocabulary words included: steam, earthquake, magma, landslide, eruption,
active volcano, dormant volcano, extinct volcano, tectonic plates, hot spots,
divergent boudaries, convergent boundaries.

  • Earth’s layers diagram
  • How Volcanoes Form reading passage
  • How Volcanoes Form reading passage questions
  • Labeling Earth’s Layers activity

key vocabulary: mantle, crust, outer core, inner core, lithosphere

  • Types of Volcanoes reading passage
  • Types of Volcanoes reading passage questions
  • Volcanoes Vocabulary Check-Up
  • Drawing different types of volcanoes

students get to display their artistic skills and perform research to find
real-life examples of cinder cone, compostie, shield, and lava dome
volcanoes and tell their location

  • Label a Volcano activity

key vocabulary: fissure, vent, magna chamber, eruption cloud, lava

  • Top 10 Famous Volcanoes activity

students will perform research and mark the location of each famous
volcano on the map and be able to color code each

  • Research a Volcano!

Students will get to pick a volcano in any part of the world and tell name,
type, location and more information about it!

  • 2 volcano coloring pages

With this unit included in your lesson plan it is for sure going to make its mark on your students. They will be engaged and enthused with this explosive subject! (See what I did there..)

May you have a wonderful time using this resource!