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Item description

Know Your Alliteration Task Cards Bundle – Puzzling Problems includes 2 sets of fun, problem solving questions designed to engage students in developing their understanding of alliteration while also generating an overall enthusiasm for figurative language.

Each card needs to be solved by deciphering a combination of jumbled letters and pictures. You may wish to demonstrate with an example card, but generally students understand the task very quickly.

These cards have been used successfully with:

  • Grades 4-8
  • ESL / EAL / EFL / Grades 5 – 12, University/College, Adult

This bundle contains:

  • 52 cards and two title cards (26 alliteration questions and one title card per set)
  • Student recording sheet for each set
  • Answer Key for each set
  • Student sentence sheet for students to express their own creativity for each set
  • PDF and PNG Files


  • Print, laminate and cut the individual cards. (p. 2-8)
  • Print student sheet (p. 9) and provide each student with a worksheet. You may prefer to allow students to work in pairs.
  • Distribute the cards around the room.
  • Students may start at any letter and work their way through in any order.
  • Check answers.
  • An extra sheet is provided (p. 11) to have students choose 4 letters and write 4 sentences to demonstrate their understanding and express their own creativity.

Alternatives and extensions:

  • Rather than have students work around the room, you may prefer to have students work at their desks. In the past, I have placed the question cards up front or on the board with a magnet and students come up and select one at a time to work on. Students are free to try another card once completed or if they get stuck.
  • Have students illustrate the sentences and make a class book
  • Have students write their own sentences, illustrate and make a class book.