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These alphabet posters and phonics sound anchor charts with a wood background coordinate with almost any classroom decor while helping students learn their alphabet and build phonemic awareness.


This set includes 240 charts that provide a visual anchor to phonics sounds. Each poster has color-coded letters, a picture, and a keyword to help students recognize sounds and learn new ones. They come in two fonts designed to assist students who need extra help with visual discrimination.


These make a great display for the classroom! Use in a pocket chart or on a bulletin board for student reference. Print out smaller versions and use them as a reference in a guided reading area, center, phonics binder, or make task cards for individual student practice and games.



Posters/anchor charts for the following sounds (In a printed line font and a box font)

✓ Vowel Sounds: a,e,i,o,u,y (long and short)

✓ Consonant Sounds

✓ Vowel Teams: oo, ow, oo, ou/ow, ew, au/aw, oi/oy, ea, ai, ay, ey, ea, ee, igh, ie, oe, oa, ue, eigh

✓ “R” Controlled: or,ar,ir,er,ur

✓ Digraphs: ch,th,gh,sh,wh,ph,ck

✓ Bonus Letters: ff, ll, ss, zz

✓ Blends: bl,fl,cl,gl,br,cr,dr,fr,gr,pr,tr,sk,sl,sp,st,sw,sc,sm,sn,spl,str

✓ Word Families: all, am, an, ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk, unk, old, ost, olt, ild, ind, ive

✓ Silent Letters: wr, kn, rh, gn, gh, mb, mn

✓ Additional Sounds: dge, tch, sion, tion

✓ Printing Instructions and Ideas


This resource works great as a reference for any Orton Gillingham reading program, struggling readers, and special education programs.

Note: This resource coordinates with the Camping Theme Classroom Décor Pack, and the natural look goes great in any classroom. It is also available in other themes and colors. (Content is the same)

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