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Help students to learn the alphabet and their sounds with these No Prep Beginning Sound Circle Maps.

This resource includes:

  • Over 55 pages

  • Color and Black and White Ink Saving Options

  • Every letter of the alphabet

  • Cut and Paste


Students not only practice fine motor skills with cutting and pasting, they also practice identifying the first sound from a set of picture words. Each letter has 8 pictures and only 6 of them match the first sound of the page. 2 pictures start with a different first sound that students identify as a non-example and cross it out.

Perfect for:

  • Learning letters and their sounds

  • Daily review

  • Spiral review

  • Homework

  • Centers

  • Intervention

  • First sound identification

  • Building language with ELL Students

Thank you for considering adding this resource to your teacher toolbox!

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