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These Orton Gillingham Letter cards are used to promote phonics development and letter identification. They are designed with the dyslexia font. The cards are 1/4 the size of a piece of paper and are perfect for whole group or small group instruction. The letter tents are perfect for small group or individual practice. The letter sound poster and vowel sound posters are a great reference or sound anchor chart for your students. I have included a general Orton Gillingham lesson guide as well as “how to use the letter tents”. Check the preview to see what is included:

The following pages are included in this Alphabet flashcards purchase:

1 . Cover Page

2. Table of Contents

3.Orton Gillingham Scope and Sequence

4. Orton Gillingham Daily Lesson Plan Guide

5. 3 – part drill poster

6. Alphabet Sounds Chart (Letter Flash Cards)

7. – 14. Letter Flash Cards in black & white (Dyslexia Font)

15. – 22. – Letter Sounds Cards (in color with picture; dyslexia font)

23. Vowel Sounds Anchor Chart

24.Using Letter Tents Teacher Tips

25. – 37. – Letter tents and vowel tents (color & BW)

38. Credits

Thank you for shopping for your Orton Gillingham Alphabet Flash Cards! I appreciate you!

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