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Help your students learn how to trace and write the alphabet neatly and in this fun and engaging letter handwriting resource! It is the perfect addition to your primary classroom and a must have as students are learning their ABC’s and working on their fine motor skills.  This quick, easy, and ready to print resource takes the guesswork out of handwriting practice to give you more time to plan and prep lessons!

Available in both color and black and white print options, students will love seeing pictures of kids that look similar to themselves while they are showing how well they can work independently!


What’s Included:

Included in this resource are whole alphabet tracing practice with mixed capital and lowercase, all capital, and all lowercase in both color and black and white print options.  Capital letter practice has print options for you to choose your term (capital letters or uppercase letters). These pages also come in boy or girl print options.

Also included are handwriting practice pages for each letter of the alphabet.  Each letter practice page includes:

  • Handwriting lines to trace capital letters
  • Handwriting lines to trace lowercase letters
  • Blank handwriting lines below capital and lowercase to practice writing each respective case.
  • Sentence “ ___ is for ___” with one example of a word the letter starts with to practice beginning sounds.
  • Clip art picture to match the sentence for each letter.
  • Color and black and white print options.


Below are the letters and beginning sound words that complete the sentence stems (___ is for ___) throughout this resource on each letter page.

Aa – apple

Bb – bear

Cc – cat

Dd – dog

Ee – elephant

Ff – fish

Gg – guitar

Hh – horse

Ii – iguana

Jj – jam

Kk – kangaroo

Ll – lion

Mm – mouse

Nn – net

Oo – octopus

Pp – pizza

Qq – quail

Rr – rainbow

Ss – sun

Tt – taco

Uu – umbrella

Vv – volcano

Ww – web

Xx – x-ray

Xx – fox

Yy – yogurt

Zz – zebra


Ideas for Use:

This resource is the perfect addition to your primary classroom.  Students will love feeling successful with their writing!  You can implement this resource in a variety of ways to fit the needs of your students and classroom.  Ideas include:

  • Introducing letters
  • Literacy or Writing Center
  • Handwriting Supplement
  • Intervention
  • Homework
  • Spiral Review
  • Morning Work
  • Print color set and place in plastic sleeves – use with dry erase/expo markers.
  • Place color set in a binder to use as a handwriting intervention/station.
  • Make a handwriting letter practice book for each student.




Thank you for considering adding this resource to your teacher toolbox!

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