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This beginning reader set of books has four options that can be used in
small groups, in centers, or individually. They are also great for
beginning readers to take home and share with parents or other family

Option 1: Color or gray scale with just the word

Option 2: Color or gray scale with sight word “The” and word

Option 3: Color or gray scale with a simple, repetitive sentence

Option 4: Color or gray scale with pictures to be cut out and pasted into the book

Words included are: fan, fence, fire, fish, flip flops, flowers, fly, frog

Some of my students like to see the color version of the book to read in
the library area or to get ideas for coloring their own book.

I did not put page numbers on the book in case you chose not to include all of the pages or decide on a different order.

The final page of the book requests that the child draw something that starts with F.

For more Alphabet: