Item description

This is a fun printable that allows children to work on their alphabet recognition skills. It goes with the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. This printable can be played by matching the uppercase ham to the lower case egg or vice versa.


–26 green eggs (lowercase)

–26 green hams (uppercase)

–2 recording sheets-split up between vowels and consonants

Suggestions, tips, and differentiation:

* Can be used as flashcards.

* Can be used for assessment.

* Can be used in small group and literacy center.

* Can also be used in whole group-circle time.

* Used for the development of speech.

* Put in ABC order.

* Post letters around the room. Teacher will shout out a letter for each student to find.


Put a matching sticker on the backs of the pieces that go together. When the child is finished, have them turn over the cards to see if the stickers match.

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