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Alphabet Matching I to P – Free Worksheets

Cut and paste the matching uppercase and lowercase letters.

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More About My Alphabet Matching Worksheets

Although these free alphabet worksheets are provided at no cost, they need to be downloaded as three separate packets.  I will try to make some future packets available with all the letters A to Z as one simple download.  It’s just a little simpler for me to create these packets one chunk at a time.

My TK students love to do cut and paste worksheets.  Preschool, TK, and Kindergarten children need practice developing and improving their fine motor skills which are necessary for cutting and writing efficiently and neatly.  All of my cut and paste free activities provide ample opportunity to improve these fine motor skills while building letter and number awareness and recognition.

Browse my store, filled with tons of free printable preschool and kindergarten worksheets and free printable activities.  I will continue to fill it with cut and paste activities and coloring activities for use in your classroom and with your kids.

The internet and this website are filled with all sorts of great ideas and suggestions for helping you teach preschool and kindergarten age children.  Search for Free alphabet or number resources in Google or Bing to find loads of great materials to print and try.

Why Not Use Apps And Screens?

While it is tempting to use digital activities on the internet and cell phone or tablet based apps for teaching your preschool or kindergarten age child, I highly discourage it.  Using technology seems like an easy solution for kids.  It doesn’t help with most of the needed fine motor skills development that kids need to succeed.  Furthermore, using kinesthetic or tactile learning methods shows more success.  Methods such as touching, cutting, gluing, and feeling paper simply provides better learning.  Many pediatricians and exports stress the importance of avoiding and limiting apps and screen time for young learners.