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Help your students with their phonics and word analysis skills using these 31 (beginning sounds) puzzles. This resource includes a puzzle for each letter of the alphabet including both short and long vowel sounds.


Each puzzle contains the uppercase and lowercase letter along with 3 pictures representing that letter. Letters and pictures for each puzzle are listed below. Please download the preview for a closer look!


Short Aa – Astronaut, apple, alligator

Long Aa – arrow, apron, alien

Bb – belt, bear, barn

Cc – cat, candy cane, cow

Dd – dog, doctor, dress

Short Ee – elephant, envelope, egg

Long Ee – eel, earmuffs, eagle

Ff – fish, fireman, flip flops

Gg – glasses, guitar, grapes

Hh – hat, hippo, horse

Long Ii – ice cream, iron, ice skates

Short Ii – igloo, iguana, ink

Jj – jack o’ lantern, juice, jump rope

Kk – kite, koala, kangaroo

Ll – lion, lollipop, lunchbox

Mm – mittens, mouse, monkey

Nn – nest, noodles, net

Long Oo – ocean, oval, overalls

Short Oo – octopus, ostrich, otter

Pp – pan, pig, pants

Qq – queen, quarter, quilt

Rr – raccoon, rabbit, run

Ss – slide, snake, spoon

Tt – turtle, tie, tractor

Long Uu – unicorn, uniform, utensils

Short Uu – umbrella, underwear, upset

Vv – volcano, vest, vet

Ww – watermelon, wagon, witch

Xx – x-ray, xylophone, box

Yy – yoyo, yarn, yogurt

Zz – zoo, zebra, zipper


UPDATED! – This resource now contains an additional file which contains the same 31 puzzles but with spellings included (minus the first letter). This allows you to choose the puzzles that are most appropriate for your students!


Just print the puzzles on card stock, laminate, and cut and you have an activity perfect for small group instruction or a Grab and Go Literacy Center.


What is a Grab and Go Center?

The idea for Grab and Go Centers came about as I was trying to find the best way to incorporate meaningful centers into my primary classroom. I needed for the centers to be low prep, organized, easily accessible, reusable, and kid friendly.


Once created these centers will keep your students actively involved reviewing skills they need without you having to spend your nights and weekends searching for ideas!


Here is what makes these centers perfect for your primary classroom:

Each center is stored in a small plastic pencil case. They are small, durable, and cheap! I purchased mine at Walmart, but you can also find them online at Amazon, Dollar Tree, or Staples. Because they are all the same size, they fit perfectly on a bookshelf without taking up too much of your valuable space.

Each center can be printed on card stock, laminated, and reused year after year. Once created, all you have to do is make that center available to your students when the time is right . I keep all of my centers stored in a cabinet. Once I teach the skill, I just take the center from my cabinet and make it available to my students.


Each Grab and Go center comes with convenient, kid-friendly labels that allow your students to independently complete the center. No more interrupting your small group to ask what to do! The side label contains the name of the center and a picture representing whether the center is an individual center or a center that requires a partner (Some of the games require two people). There is an outside top label containing the same information. The inside top label contains the materials needed and the directions written in kid-friendly language.


Grab and Go Centers are perfect if you have limited space in your classroom to set up centers. Rather than have students move to a center in the room, they can just grab their center and take it back to their seat. The box already contains everything they need!