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Lower and Uppercase Alphabet Recognition Dinosaur Stomp A4 Cards designed to encourage students to identify and differentiate the alphabet letters in a fun and engaging way!


There is so much versatility in this game. You may want to start off utilizing the most familiar letters then progress into expanding into the more difficult letters.


Simply print off all of the A4 pages, laminate them for durability – they will then last for years to come!


You can play this game in pairs, groups or as a whole class activity. Encourage the students to take turns to STOMP on the letter that you say out loud. If you have enough students in the class you can assign each student a letter to stomp on. Another option is starting with each student taking turns to STOMP on letter “A” then “B” then “C” and so forth. As everyone stomps through the letters it can be a race as to who can get to the end of the alphabet first!


Great resource for early learning and SPED.

Remember…make learning fun!