Item description

Are you looking for a fun and effective alphabet activity for this winter? This snowman-themed alphabet activity is perfect for practicing letter identification, matching uppercase and lowercase, and correct letter formation.


It’s simple. Find, build, and trace each letter.


Directions: The student chooses or finds a snowman letter card. Then, the student builds the letter with manipulatives. Finally, the student traces the corresponding letter on the recording sheet.

*Student can find lowercase/uppercase cards and trace the opposite uppercase/lowercase on the recording sheet.


Skills used: Recognize and name all uppercase and lowercase letters, write all uppercase and lowercase letters, identify and match uppercase and lowercase letters.


Manipulatives: blue or white pom-poms, candy, buttons, or beads. Winter erasers, cereal, rice, beans, or blocks.


Prepare: Print, cut, and laminate for multiple uses.

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This is perfect for early finishers, early intervention, in addition to a lesson, student-teacher, parent helper, homeschool, and centers!