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Amazing Pronouns” allows you to practice the use of personal pronouns and adjectives in a fun way!

The following types of pronouns and adjectives are covered in this set:

⭐️  Subject Pronouns
⭐️  Object Pronouns
⭐️  Possessive Adjectives
⭐️  Possessive Pronouns
⭐️  Reflexive Pronouns

The ”Amazing Pronouns” set consists of the following components:

① The ”Maze Chasers” Board Game
Correctly solve the problem on the flash cards to earn steps, and make your way through the maze to reach the pot of gold. This game is THE way to get students excited about practicing pronouns and adjectives alike!

② 2 Sets of 100 Pronoun Flash Cards
In each set, 100 original sentences are presented on individual flash cards.

③ 10 Pronoun Worksheets (Incl. Answer Keys)
The worksheets feature the same sentences that are shown on the flash cards. They are categorized into each of the five pronoun/adjective groups. Additionally, there are 5 worksheets that contain a mix of these same sentences. With this, you can really test your students’ comprehension of the material!

④ Pronoun Cheat Sheet
This ”Cheat Sheet” shows all the different pronouns and adjectives in a structured fashion. Use it as a hand-out to provide your students with the help they need to memorize the material.

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We wish you lots of fun with this resource!