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Item description

This workbook specifically designed for teenagers and adolescents and has been developed utilizing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy principles. This workbook primarily focuses on emotions, behaviours, anger management and self-care.


Students with anger management difficulties often represent a significant number of referrals for school counselors. They are often referred because they are internalising their anger (depressed, socially withdrawn) or the majority are externalising their anger by demonstrating behavioural concerns. Whether students internalise or externalise anger, supporting them to learn healthy ways to express and cope with their strong emotions.


This workbook provides practical strategies to help them recognise the signs of anger and develop better ways to cope and express their anger. This book contains educative material to support students to gain insight into their behaviours (including triggers, thoughts and associated feelings) as well as hands on activities and exercises.

Throughout this workbook students will explore the following:

– Anger management

– Exploring dynamics between thoughts, feelings & behaviours (i.e.: behaviours can reinforce thoughts, perceptions can create feelings)

– Anxiety Management

– Emotional Regulation

– Mindfulness and Relaxation

– Social relating

– Dishonesty

– Forgiveness

– Self Life Narrative

– Reflective practices

– Healthy choices

– Consequences

– 4 Part Apologies

– Coping and Self-help skills

– I Messages

– Support System

– Behaviour Triggers & Coping Skills

– Understanding your engine

– Problem Solving

– Isolating and labelling behaviours

– Core values & beliefs

– Conflict Resolution

– Self Esteem

– Things In your control vs Out of your control

– Concurrent Emotions

– Emotional Literacy