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This portfolio is engaging, reflective and thought-provoking. Everything you need to cover this topic is found in this portfolio. It covers everything from anger, warning signs, triggers, engine speed, red and green choices, helping hands vs hurting hands, emotional regulation strategies and much more!

Anger management is not just about counting to ten or deep breathing (although they are great strategies!). It is about helping you to better understand why you get angry, what sets you off (triggers), learning about your early warning signs as well as learning a variety of cool down strategies for managing those feelings more constructively. There are so many angles to support students to develop insight and understanding into anger and this portfolio is sure to have something for everyone!

This portfolio is divided into six individual lessons. You can choose to use each lesson in isolation or scaffold through the lessons one by one within a group or individual sessions.


 The six lessons include:

1.All About Anger

– What is Anger?

– What does Anger look & feel like?

– Warning signs and triggers

– My anger questionnaire

– Consequences (keeping vs loosing your cool)

– Anger awareness

2.My Engine Speeds

– Our Speedometer

– Managing my car speeds (low, just right, high)

– Sometimes we need a mechanic

– Revving up and calming down strategies

– Posters

3.Red & Green Choices

– What are red and green choices

– Red/green choices poster

– Spotlight on your choices

– Is this a good or poor choice worksheet

– What are the green vs red choices in that situation

– Colouring page

4.Helping Hands Vs Hurting Hands

– Physical Aggression

– What are helping and hurting hands

– Using hands to feel to “help others” vs “hurt others”

– Poster Promise pledge

– Sorting activity

5.How to Keep My Cool – (Emotional Regulation Strategies)

– Anger Management tips for keeping your cool

– Cooling down strategies

– Write / draw your own strategies

6. Craft – Cool Down Ice-Cream

– Cool down strategies craft poster

– I can cool down colouring page

– Keep it cool Ice-cream craft

– Craft example and templates