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This lesson helps students personify and project their anger onto their own monster that they create with the therapeutic aim to reflect and gain insight. Supporting children to personify anger can help make it easier to manage.

This mini-lesson has been successful at supporting students who experience anger management issues. This intervention asks students to create a representation of anger and give it a name. By externalizing anger, it becomes something that they can deal with and manage. It is no longer an abstract idea that they have no control over. It becomes manageable.

This intervention helps to create a sense of personal awareness and insight into their own anger. The Angry Monster can also act as an outlet so that the Angry Monster can hold onto the anger, helping to compartmentalize the stress and anger so that the student doesn’t have to.

This therapeutic intervention requires the therapist to be very curious and unconditionally accepting of the Anger Monster that the student creates and imagines.

Remember the vital role of empathy and at the end of the intervention thank the student for sharing what their anger looks like as a monster to support integration.

Further discussion ideas for integration might include exploration of the following themes and trends that arise during this intervention.