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Angle Relationships (Vertical Angles) Digital Self-Checking Sketch and Guess Activity

Are you looking for a new and engaging way for your students to practice solving equations with vertical angles? Math is fun again with this self-checking digital Angle Relationships Sketch and Guess activity for Google Sheets! This middle school math activity is perfect for engaging your students in solving vertical angle problems. Students need to have prior knowledge of solving multi-step problems. I hope your students have as much fun with this activity as mine did!

In the self-checking activity, Sketch and Guess, students answer questions in order to reveal a mystery sketch.  As students answer questions, more of the image is sketched with each correct answer.  After correctly answering questions, students are able to guess the image.  Once guessed correctly, students are moved to the second of three sketches.  The students continue to answer questions and guess the sketches until no questions remain.  Can the students guess the sketch before it’s too late?

The students answer the questions in any order they prefer.  After solving the question on a whiteboard, scratch paper, or the provided workspace, students type their final answer into the appropriate cell.  If correct, the students receive immediate feedback with the image zooming out and the appearance of a camera emoji next to their answer.

In contrast, when students answer incorrectly, their answer turns red to let them know they should go back and revise their answer or seek help from their instructor.

➡️ Here’s what’s included:

⭐Google Sheet  Sketch and Guess Digital Self-Checking Activity with 10 Angle Relationship Problems (vertical angles)

⭐Answer Key

⭐Optional Show Your Work Page

⭐Instructions for Teacher and Student Use

➡️ What You Need to Know:

This digital resource was created using Google Sheets. You need a free Google account.

➡️ This is a no-prep resource! 

➡️ Who should purchase this resource?

  • Teachers looking for engaging activities
  • Teachers looking for ways to differentiate and scaffold for students
  • Teachers looking to give students immediate feedback

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