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Help your students understand animal adaptations with this google classroom digital learning resource! This resource focuses on both physical and behavioral adaptations of animals, along with important reading skills!

In this digital resource or Google Classroom activity, students will work through important vocabulary related to animal adaptations, practice classifying the characteristics of physical and behavioral adaptations, along with comparing and contrasting the two, and practice reading a diagram. Students will also answer cause and effect questions.

This Google Classroom Resource Covers:

✔ Physical Adaptations of Animals

✔ Behavioral Adaptations of Animals

✔ Camouflage

✔ Mimicry

✔ Migration

✔ Hibernation

✔ Purpose of Adaptations

✔ Defense

With Digital Learning Online Resource, You’ll Get:

✔ A variety of formats (fill in the blank, question and answer, writing portions, drag and sort, etc)

✔ Engaging activities that cover important reading skills

✔ Vocabulary practice and higher level thinking

✔ Answer key

.… and so much more!

The Benefits of Digital Learning:

✔ Paperless classroom (save on those copies and things to carry home!)

✔ Increased student engagement

✔ Access the materials anywhere online

✔ Integrate technology into the classroom

✔ Improve student practice with computer literacy

✔ You can pick and choose which slides to do (like with paper)

How You Can Use This Unit:

✔ Broken up over several days

✔ As a supplement to an already established program

✔ Science (and reading!) centers

✔ Whole group, small group, partners, or individual work

✔ Enrichment activities