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Evaluate general reading comprehension and support the development of close reading analysis skills with this bundle of formative assessments covering chapter 2 of Animal Farm by George Orwell. Included are the following: a plot-based quiz, a close reading worksheet, and answer keys. Materials are delivered in Word Document and PDF formats. 

By completing the quiz, students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • The animal who was absent from Old Major’s speech
  • The fate of Old Major
  • The significance of Napoleon and Snowball
  • The Commandments of Animalism
  • Moses’ statements on what happens after an animal dies
  • Why Moses is disliked by the other animals
  • Mollie’s conflict
  • The most loyal disciples of Animalism
  • The cause of Mr. Jones’ worsening emotional state
  • Details about the Revolution
  • The passing of a resolution
  • Snowball’s instructions to the animals at the end of the chapter

By engaging with the close reading activity, students will:

  • Identify what the text states explicitly and implicitly
  • Discern the intended effect of the author’s word choices
  • Discern the functions of a given passage
  • Explore how complex characters think, behave, develop, and interact
  • Articulate the significance of the animals’ decision to rename the farm
  • Explore themes in context
  • Support claims and inferences with sound reasoning and relevant evidence
  • Write about literature with clarity, accuracy, and precision