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Help students go beyond general comprehension and develop close reading analysis skills with this set of challenging questions covering chapter 5 of Animal Farm by George Orwell. This formative assessment minimizes take-home lesson planning responsibilities, saving teachers valuable time without sacrificing academic rigor. An answer key is provided. Materials are delivered in Word Document and PDF formats. By completing this exercise, students will:

  • Identify what the text states explicitly and implicitly
  • Isolate an example of figurative language
  • Make logical inferences about the author’s intent
  • Explore the motif of forbidden pleasures
  • Discern the greater significance of the windmill debate
  • Explore how complex characters think, behave, develop, and interact
  • Apply knowledge of literary devices including symbolism and situational irony
  • Support claims and inferences with sound reasoning and relevant evidence
  • Write about literature with clarity, accuracy, and precision

This resource may facilitate small-group discussions in which students decode language and pose/respond to questions relating to plot, broad topics, and character development. Using this resource for structured guidance, students will improve their ability to present information, conclusions, and supporting textual evidence clearly and convincingly.