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Evaluate reading comprehension and eliminate assessment planning responsibilities with this bundle of 10 plot-based quizzes covering each individual chapter of Animal Farm by George Orwell. These quizzes may otherwise serve as guided reading worksheets to facilitate focused engagement with fiction. Answer keys are provided. Materials are delivered in Word Document and PDF formats. Information on each quiz follows.

Chapter 1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Setting
  • The consequences of Mr. Jones’ alcoholism
  • Old Major’s species
  • The reason for Old Major’s oration
  • Old Major’s assessment of England’s climate
  • The “only real enemy” Old Major believes animals have
  • An essential claim made by Old Major
  • An issue on which animals vote
  • Old Major’s commandments
  • “Beasts of England”
  • Mr. Jones’ reaction to thinking there is a fox on his property

Chapter 2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • The animal who was absent from Old Major’s speech
  • The fate of Old Major
  • The significance of Napoleon and Snowball
  • The Commandments of Animalism
  • Moses’ statements on what happens after an animal dies
  • Why Moses is disliked by the other animals
  • Mollie’s conflict
  • The most loyal disciples of Animalism
  • The cause of Mr. Jones’ worsening emotional state
  • Details about the Revolution
  • The passing of a resolution
  • Snowball’s instructions to the animals at the end of the chapter

Chapter 3. Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • The horses’ skills
  • Boxer’s slogan
  • The characterization of Benjamin
  • An object of great significance
  • The interaction between the cat and the sparrow
  • The contentious nature of the relationship between Napoleon and Snowball
  • Snowball’s decision regarding the seven commandments
  • Napoleon’s perspective on education
  • The pigs’ justification for inequity benefitting them
  • Intimidation tactics

Chapter 4. Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • The important role of the pigeons
  • The characterization of Pilkington and Frederick
  • The nature of the relationship between Pilkington and Frederick
  • A rumor circulating around Animal Farm
  • Snowball’s research
  • Injured animals
  • Boxer’s terrible concern
  • An animal who goes missing
  • The name of the battle that transpired
  • The identity of an animal killed in battle

Chapter 5. Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Mollie’s life-changing decision
  • Napoleon’s strategies for disrupting Snowball’s speeches
  • The growing rift between Snowball and Napoleon
  • Napoleon’s priorities
  • Napoleon’s treatment of Snowball’s drawn-up plans
  • A dangerous incident that precedes Snowball’s departure
  • Napoleon’s big decision about community meetings
  • Intimidation tactics
  • Squealer’s accusations
  • Boxer’s new motto
  • Details concerning Sunday ceremonies
  • Napoleon’s surprise announcement

Chapter 6. Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • The year-to-year comparison of the harvest
  • A newly instituted policy
  • Squealer’s method of convincing animals the new policy is acceptable
  • The pigs’ collective lifestyle
  • Napoleon’s big announcement
  • Revisions to existing commandments
  • Muriel’s skill
  • Benjamin’s general characterization
  • The fate of the windmill
  • Napoleon’s response to the windmill’s fate

Chapter 7. Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • The humans’ belief about the fate of the windmill
  • Napoleon’s dynamic character
  • The deaths of nine hens
  • Squealer’s allegations
  • Napoleon’s lies
  • Immoral tactics used against the animals
  • Boxer’s reaction to the animal-on-animal violence
  • Clover’s reaction to the animal-on-animal violence
  • The decision related to the anthem “Beasts of England”

Chapter 8. Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Further modifications to existing commandments
  • The reason Squealer presents the animals with statistics
  • The fate of three hens
  • Napoleon’s announcements
  • Frederick’s forgeries
  • Details about the attack on Animal Farm
  • A discovery made by the pigs
  • Squealer’s newest allegations against Snowball

Chapter 9. Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Boxer’s medical condition
  • The raising of Napoleon’s children
  • Details concerning spontaneous demonstrations
  • Animal Farm’s classification
  • Napoleon’s official title
  • New allegations against Snowball
  • The re-appearance of a character
  • The effect the re-appearance has on the community
  • The collapsing of an overworked animal
  • Benjamin’s distressing belief
  • Squealer’s newest misinformation campaign

Chapter 10. Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Working conditions and general quality of life
  • The elimination of once common aspects of Animal Farm
  • A new slogan at Animal Farm
  • Physical changes to the pigs
  • The farm’s name change
  • The reason humans return to the farm
  • The single remaining commandment
  • The nature of the interaction between pigs and humans
  • A conflict between Napoleon and Pilkington
  • The working animals’ observation of the interaction between pigs and humans