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This pack of Animals Flashcards includes 56 animals, birds and insects. These Flashcards can be used for learning about animals, classroom decor and more.

Animals included are:

  • Domestic Animals – Cow, Dog, Cat, Goat, Sheep, Squirrel, Yak, Llama, Mallard, Chicken, Pig, Horse, Donkey, Rabbit, Mouse, Duck

  • Wild Animals – Bear, Elephant, Dragon, Fox, Monkey, Leopard, Rhino, Zebra, Lion, Hippo, Kangaroo, Polar Bear, Alligator, Weasel, Pterodactyl, Turtle, Giraffe, Koala, Moose, Panda, Tiger, Wolf, Frog, Triceratops, Gnu, Walrus, Elk, Antelope

  • Birds – Penguin, Peacock, Owl, Ostrich, Bat, Turkey, Platypus

  • Insects – Butterfly, Bee, Mosquito, Ladybug & Grasshopper