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Engage students in an animal research project with this fun Google Slides animal report digital writing prompt. Students will research animal habitats and adaptations while taking notes on graphic organizers and templates then compile their research into an informative writing presentation. Work is graded using the provided rubric.

ALL teaching videos are already included.. simply assign and go! Excellent for digital learning, distance learning, homeschool teachers, hybrid teaching, guest teachers, student teachers and the average busy teacher!

Students will practice basic skills on Google Slides while working on this presentation. ALL TEACHING VIDEOS are included, or can be replaced with videos that you make. Simply assign, and students will be ready to go.

This unit includes 15 lessons across three weeks of writing.

Week Overview:

  • Monday: Introduction and Prewrite – Students will learn how to research facts and add bullet points to their graphic organizer

  • Tuesday: Draft – Students will write a hook topic sentence, 2 fact sentences and details to support their facts [Week One Goal: students will focus on adding definitions to their writing]

  • Wednesday: Draft – Students will finish their last 2 reasons, 2 details and add a closing sentence

  • Thursday: Revise/Edit – Students are walked through using a basic revising and editing checklist

  • Friday: Students are taught to add photos and to use a rubric to check their work before turning it in [Week Two and Three Goals: students will practice adding text features such as captions, headings, maps and diagrams into their slides]

What you get with the download:

A PDF linking to:

  • 3 Teaching Slides

  • Student Publishing Template

  • Teacher Example

This was designed for second graders, but can easily be adapted to be implemented in first and third grade classrooms.

All video links are also included, for troubleshooting purposes for districts that have permissions settings.

These lessons build on each other, so videos might go through previously covered topics rather quickly. If you would like the comprehensive resource, upgrade to the bundle.

A FREE subscription to Epic Books will help students with research, but is not required to complete this project. Any nonfiction tools that students have available to gather information will work.

Students having the Chrome Extension Web Paint will help with one part of this assignment, but it is not necessary.

Please open the preview file to see exactly what is included and ask all questions before purchasing.

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