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Celebrate your student’s progress and achievements daily, weekly, and monthly with these cute student animal stickers. Students will be eager to collect them all. These stickers are a great reward system.

Don’t have sticker paper? No problem! Print on regular copy paper, cut, and have your students glue stickers on their sticker books.

There are 51 stickers included. The files are in Powerpoint and PDF.

Stickers included:

  • Ant Sticker: the hard worker that never gives up even when the task seems difficult!
  • Bat Sticker: great listener!
  • Bear Sticker: strength and determination to stand up for what is right!
  • Beaver Sticker:a friend that builds up others and encourages them with kind words!
  • Bee Sticker: always being ready to listen and to learn!
  • Bird Sticker: beautiful singing voice and musical talent!
  • Bookworm Sticker: love of reading and ability to figure out unknown words!
  • Bunny Sticker: quick to follow directions and make good choices!
  • Butterfly Sticker: ability to create beautiful illustrations and artwork!
  • Cat Sticker: endless curiosity and for being a “PURR-fect” example of a lifelong learner!
  • Caterpillar Sticker: the way that you have grown and changed this year as a reader and learner!
  • Chameleon Sticker: the ability to adapt, change, and go with the flow especially when things don’t go as planned! 
  • Cheetah Sticker: strength and speed as an athlete!
  • Crab Sticker: ability to get through your math facts in a snap!
  • Deer Sticker:a gracious friend that treats all people in a gentle and kind way!
  • Dinosaur Sticker: a “DINO-mite” attitude and choosing to always do your best!
  • Dog Sticker: For your “PAW-sitive” personality and the way that you bring so much joy to those around you!
  • Dolphin Sticker:an adventurous heart that loves to explore and discover new things!
  • Duck Sticker: easy-going personality and ability to not let things ruffle your feathers!
  • Eagle Sticker: a sharp eye for detail and want to always understand how and why things work!
  • Elephant Sticker: ability to bring a ton of life and fun to everything you do!
  • Firefly Sticker:the ability to light up our classroom with your kind heart and smile!
  • Fish Sticker: “FIN-tastic” way that you show respect and treat others the way that you would want to be treated!
  • Fox Sticker: ability to cleverly solve problems!
  • Frog Sticker: regularly hopping right up our clip chart with your great choices!
  • Giraffe Sticker: not being afraid to stick your neck out and try something new!
  • Hippopotamus Sticker: a massive sense of humor and ability to spread happiness to others!
  • Horse Sticker: commitment to excellence and being a hard worker in all that you do!
  • Jellyfish Sticker: a person of integrity who is transparent, honest, and trustworthy in all things!
  • Kangaroo Sticker: always jumping into whatever we are doing or learning!
  • Koala Sticker: being brave and hanging in there even when things get tough!
  • Lion Sticker: being a great leader with a passionate heart!
  • Llama Sticker: “a llama” courage and not being afraid to take risks and try new things!
  • Moose Sticker: the huge amount of growth that you have made this year!
  • Mouse Sticker: a gentle and quiet spirit that is empathetic and compassionate to others!
  • Octopus Sticker: always lending an extra hand to help a friend in need!
  • Otter Sticker: an energetic, playful, and optimistic personality that inspires others to live their life to the fullest!
  • Owl Sticker: a diligent student that loves to learn and share knowledge with others!
  • Panda Sticker: gentle spirit and considerate heart that makes you a delight to be around!
  • Parrot Sticker: bright, bold, and outgoing personality that allows you to easily make new friends!
  • Peacock Sticker: the way that you use your creative heart to bring lots of color and beauty to life!
  • Penguin Sticker: dependable and taking your responsibilities seriously!
  • Puppy Sticker: always being a loyal and faithful friend to everyone!
  • Rhinoceros Sticker: willingness to take charge when needed and ability to lead others well!
  • Shark Sticker: fierce skills in science!
  • Sloth Sticker: fun and supportive friend to hang out with!
  • Snake Sticker: always wanting to stretch your mind and learn something new!
  • Spider Sticker: the ability to spin together great stories that captivate readers and listeners!
  • Squirrel Sticker: ability to find and gather students that are in need of a friend!
  • Starfish Sticker: a star STEM student showing great innovation in science, technology, engineering, and math!
  • Swan Sticker: gracefulness and skill as a dancer! 
  • Tiger Sticker: ability and dedication to hunt down the facts and seek truth!
  • Turtle Sticker: taking the time to do your best and not rush through your work!
  • Unicorn Sticker: the magical way that you see the world and can always find the best in others!
  • Whale Sticker: a big heart that is evident in all that you do!

* Sticker size is around 2 inches by 2 inches (5.08cm) or (50.8 mm).