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This is a set of 30 questions and responses for your students. There is a
mix of yes or no, two choice or more than two choice responses. The
questions with more than two choices can also be used as multiple
questions over several days. Questions relate to animals found in a zoo,
pond life, Australian animals, and ocean life.


I use these with a pocket chart near the entrance of my classroom. My
students select their name for name recognition and then choose the
appropriate response. Later, during circle time, I have a student who is
assigned as Question of the Day helper to tally the responses so that
we can discuss math terms like more, less, least, most, and unanimous.


If you wish to use less paper, these can be printed two sheets to a page
by making that choice in your printer window. I usually print mine on
card stock and laminate them so that I can use them from year to year.

This product is included in my Question of the Day Bundle.

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