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This project will have students doing group or solo research using available resources to complete their projects. They will be showing an anti-tobacco presentation on a poster board and it will need to be at least 4 minutes long and include the following:

  • brief history of tobacco
  • the kind of chemicals inside a cigarette
  • the effects of smoking
  • what the lungs look like due to smoking
  • do you think cigarette companies play a role? how?
  • How much of the population smokes?
  • ways can we encourage smokers to quit smoking

This download includes lung template, cigarette template, citing sheet, rubric, and presentation requirements to aid their presentation. The rubric score depends on students information, creativity, organization, on-task and sources. By listing their sources students are required to identify the author, date published, year, and the information derived from book, website, and/or newspaper.

By doing this project students will be informed and inform those around them of the effects smoking causes. Students will show their researching skills, creativity and group behavior while arranging the project. This project is to be turned in one week of start date.

Enjoy looking at all the presentations as you watch your students show you their skills.