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This bundle focuses primarily on learning through doing example problems. The PPT includes close to 90 examples problems. These example questions reflect the exam and have been proven through my own class to have students score well on the AP Exam. My class continuously average above a 4 using this exact PPT.

Every example problem has a Youtube video that shows me doing the problem in the simplest way. The video showcases tricks and ways to breakdown the problem in the best way possible so that you can teach your students in an effective manner.


– Conservation of Energy

– Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy, Elastic Potential Energy

– Work

– Power

– Work Non-Conserved

– Calculus

Included in the Bundle:

PowerPoint – 77 Slides

Homework – 2 Packets with Answers

Review – 1 Packet with Answers

Quizzes – 2 Packets with Answers

Test – 1 Packet with Answers