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Hi! This editable PowerPoint (and pdf) was created for my AP students to talk about La Tomatina. Students will improve their basic skills (listening, speaking, reading & writing) in different topics, in this case, La Tomatina. They will learn about the vocabulary associated with this topic, and how to give opinions based on their experiences and research. It has Forty pages in one document. The student document includes instructions, links to videos and websites, activities, and pictures. I’ve added a section called ‘Alternative Resources’ in case you need to change, adapt, or modify any part of the product.


▶️How to Use It: Students will follow the directions and perform the tasks in each section. The worksheets work great for extra homework practice, extra credit, or material for substitute teachers. If you are not able to open the videos and transcriptions in the PowerPoint in open mode, please click on the link in the last slide to access the pdf version so that you can open them.



1. Introducción.

2. Análisis de una cita (Práctica oral).

3. Índice de contenidos.

4. ¿Dónde está Buñol?

5. Video: La Tomatina de Buñol. (+Transcripción)

6. Vocabulario.

7. Actividades + Solución.

8. Escribir.

9. Hablar.

10. Lectura: Historia de la Tomatina de Buñol. (Texto)

11. Vocabulario.

12. Actividades + Solución.

13. Escribir.

14. Lectura: Beneficios del tomate (Infografía)

15. Vocabulario.

16. Actividades + Solución.

17. Gramática: Los tiempos del pasado (práctica)

18. Solución.

19. Recursos alternativos (2)

20. Página de agradecimiento.



1. Introduction.

2. Analysis of a quotation (Oral practice).

3. Table of contents.

4. Where is Buñol?

5. Video: La Tomatina of Buñol (+Transcription).

6. Vocabulary.

7. Activities + Solution.

8. Writing.

9. Speaking.

10. Reading: History of the Tomatina de Buñol (Text).

11. Vocabulary.

12. Activities + Solution.

13. Writing.

14. Reading: Benefits of tomato (Infographic).

15. Vocabulary.

16. Activities + Solution.

17. Grammar: Past tenses (practice).

18. Solution.

19. Alternative resources (2)

20. Thank you page.