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EDITABLE SLIDES! Free up your prep with this slide show to accompany Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Zoology 2 – Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. Photos and/or animations clearly illustrate important concepts in Chapter 1 Aquatic Animals. This Slide Show can be edited to be used for any introductory lesson on Aquatic Organisms.

Topics Include:

  • Aquatic animals
  • Aquatic mobility (nekton, benthic, sessile, plankton)
  • Filter Feeders
  • Currents (surface currents, thermohaline currents)
  • Gyres
  • Tides (high tide, low tide, spring tides, neap tides)
  • World Oceans (Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, Arctic Ocean)
  • Habitats (freshwater, brackish, estuary)
  • Ocean Geography (continental shelf, continental slope, continental rise, abyssal plain)
  • Sunlight Zones (sunlit zone, twilight zone, midnight zone)
  • Abyssal Animals (bioluminescence)
  • Water pressure

Looking for more?

⭐Chapter 2: Whales

⭐Chapter 3: Seas and Sea Cows

⭐Chapter 4: Aquatic Herps

⭐Chapter 5: Primeval Reptiles

⭐Chapter 6: Fish

⭐Chapter 7: Sharks and Rays

⭐Chapter 8: Crustaceans

⭐Chapter 9: Mollusks

⭐Chapter 10: Cephalopods

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