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This Apple Writing Paper and Poetry Bundle has lots of choices for your students to choose from at your Literacy Center or for early finishers.

Product #1 Apple Writing Papers

Have your students write to your apple orchard, apple pie, farm truck, farmer’s market, apple picking, Johnny Appleseed and more prompts this fall. Each design is available in 3 different writing line options to meet the needs of your students.

Includes 27 pages in 9 different designs:

1. Farmer’s Market with children clip art – 3 writing line options.

2. Farmer’s Market without children clip art – 3 writing line options.

3. Apple Orchard – 3 writing line options.

4. Johnny Appleseed – 3 writing line options.

5. Apple Picking with tree and ladder – 3 writing line options.

6. Fresh Apples with sign – 3 writing line options.

7. Apple – 3 writing line options.

8. Apple Pie – 3 writing line options.

9. Farm Truck – 3 writing line options.

Product #2 Apple Poetry Papers

Have your students write Acrostic, Haiku and Sensory poetry with these Apple themed poetry activity sheets. Includes topics like apples, apple orchard, Johnny Appleseed, Farmer’s Market, and Choose a Topic pages. Great for your Writing and Literacy Centers, Early Finishers and Substitute packets.

Includes 10 pages:

1. APPLES Acrostic

2. ORCHARD Acrostic with no background

3. ORCHARD Acrostic with Orchard background

4. Choose a Topic Apple Acrostic with no background

5. Choose a Topic Apple Acrostic with apple tree background

6. Apples – Sensory Poem – great to cut out and put on bulletin board.

7. Apples Haiku Choice #1

8. Apples Haiku Choice #2

9. Farmer’s Market Haiku

10. Johnny Appleseed Haiku

Product #3 Johnny Appleseed Bio Poem Activity

I’ve included pages to walk your students through the writing process.

Page 1: Graphic Organizer for students to brainstorm ideas about Johnny. They are asked to write adjectives that describe Johnny, what he enjoys, feels, wonders, fears, cares about, is able to do and what he dreams.

Page 2: Draft page. This page starts each line of the bio poem. Students fill in each line and then do a spell check with each other and you.

Page 3: This is a Final Draft Writing Page. Students write the final draft of their entire poem.

Pages 4 & 5Graphics for students to color, cut and glue along with their final poem. All get mounted on a 12″ x 18″ piece of construction paper.