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This Apples Unit is the early elementary apple-themed learning unit you’ve been looking for. The print-and-go pack includes reading, writing, vocabulary, math, science, and a craft with print and go printables, books, and posters.

Apple Life Cycle Craft

This three-dimensional craft features the apple life cycle. Included are detailed instructions with illustrations and photos to make assembly a snap.

Full Color Posters, Big Book, and Student Book

The information is provided in three different formats:

  • There are gorgeous full-color posters to put on the wall for reference during the unit.
  • The same posters are set up for printing and making a big book to read to the class and make available to the students. (This can be done in comb binding or a three-ring binder.)
  • There is also a smaller full-color student version for reading instruction. If you prefer a black and white line art student book, the same content is available in that format with line art for coloring.

Word Wall Cards and Spelling Ring

Important terms and words are illustrated with gorgeous photos. Use the cards on your wall or laminate and put on a ring for reference during writing.


Apple Printables


This section includes 30 different activities. The design is fun, but also easy to read to make them user-friendly for all students.

  • My Visit to the Apple Orchard – Write four sentences and illustrate (first, then, next, finally).
  • Apple ABC Order – Write nine words in ABC order.
  • Apples and Oranges Venn diagram
  • How do you like your apples? – Take a survey (pie, applesauce or cider), fill in the bar graph and answer the questions.
  • Sweet or Tart? – Take a survey, fill in the bar graph and answer the questions.
  • Apple Facts – Fill in facts
  • All About Apples – Complete the sentence with words from the word bank
  • Apple Words – Trace and connect to picture
  • Parts of an Apple Cut and Glue
  • Apples KWL
  • Apples Fact or Opinion – Cut and glue
  • Apple Tree Seasons – Decorate each tree for the season
  • From Seeds to Apples – Read the information and answer the questions
  • Apple Orchards – Read the information and answer the questions
  • My Apple Observation – Observe and taste your apple and record your observations
  • Apple Orchard Acrostic – Draw a picture and complete acrostic.
  • Making Apple Cider – Write the process in order using the four sentences in the Sentence Bank.
  • How to Make an Apple Pie – Put the steps in order by numbering from one to eight.
  • Under the Apple Tree – Story starter writing activity
  • Picking Apples – Story starter writing activity
  • The Magic Apple Seeds – Writing activity
  • My Apple Orchard – Writing activity
  • The Best Hayride Ever – Writing activity
  • Grandma’s Apple Pie – Writing activity
  • Overflow lined page to match story starters and writing activities
  • Reading Response – Illustrate beginning, middle, end and my favorite part
  • A Story Map – Write and illustrate title, author, characters, setting, beginning, middle and end
  • Apple List It! – Write one apple word for every letter of the alphabet
  • How to Make an Apple Pie – Illustrate six steps
  • How to Make Applesauce – Illustrate six steps
  • Apple Orchard Words – How many words can you make from “Apple Orchard”?