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This April Fools’ Day Word Search is Difficult. (This is a REAL word search, not a fake one). Build vocabulary and have fun with these 40 April Fools’ Day related words which are hidden across, down, backwards, and diagonally…in all directions.


Words include: antics, caper, dupe, farce, silly, gag, hoax, jest, jokes, prank, humor, tease, trick, wacky, funny, gotcha, delude, giggle, playful, kidding, pretend, surprise, bemuse, childish, befuddle, bewilder, bluffing, malarkey, misdirect, mischief, laughter, nonsense, April Fool, bamboozle, bantering, dumbfound, hoodwink, preposterous, shenanigans, and tomfoolery.




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▶️▶️Great for Grades 5 to Adult!▶️▶️

This Word Search is also included in Word Search Bundle.