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Engage students with this estimating area practice activity, where students design their own house by laying out furniture & then determine the area by counting squares & partial squares. Students will also answer critical thinking questions related to estimating, finding area, & finding perimeter. Further, this packet includes activities for practice & differentiation to meet your students’ needs.


Students place furniture in a house & determine the area by estimating the squares remaining on the grid. Students also determine the perimeter related to their designs & answer questions related to area.

This Product Includes:

✓ A house layout grid without rooms & a house layout with predesigned rooms for students to estimate the area & perimeter

✓ Furniture to cut out and glue into place in both color versions & black/white versions

✓ Versions in feet, meters, & generic “units”

✓ Critical thinking questions related to finding area, estimating area, estimating area of partial squares, & perimeter

✓ Area and Perimeter worksheets that contain 4 houses with pre-filled furniture & rooms differentiated to meet your students’ needs – varying in complexity. For example, House A is just one room with a large grid layout. House D is more complex with multiple rooms, multiple pieces of furniture, slanted furniture, & many partial pieces of squares.

With This Product You’ll Get:

✓ Questions to accompany these houses to use as review, for small group, for whole group, for centers, for homework, for modeling, or for practice.

✓ Answer keys and rubric

✓ A Google Slides version so that you can complete it digitally if you prefer!