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Introduce students to sculpture with this 3D art lesson that focuses on the color green and space as an element of art. Students create three-dimensional elements from strips of green paper for this open-ended sculpture activity. It can be used any time of year, but in March, students can be prompted to create a playground for leprechauns and use their art work as a writing prompt.

Very little prep is required for this activity, which requires only construction paper, scissors and glue.

Teacher resources and writing activities are included.

This lesson includes the following:

– national visual arts standards information

– list of art concepts and skills addressed

– a list of materials needed

– targeted art and related vocabulary

– suggestions for observing photos of sculpture

– detailed steps for introducing the lesson

– directions for art-making

– ideas for extending or varying the lesson

– ideas for looking at and discussing student art

– suggestions for writing extensions

– photographs of student art work for reference

Included in this resource:

• ideas for making 3D paper elements

• two art reflection worksheets, one for emergent writers and one for independent writers

• two worksheets for comparing humans and leprechauns

This art lesson is designed to teach art appreciation, artist behavior, and art analysis, and to foster authentic art-making and art education.

National Core Visual Arts Standards are listed at the beginning of the lesson.

Listed grade levels are suggestions only; any of these lessons can be simplified or made more complex to work for any elementary grade.

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I am a retired elementary classroom teacher, a former art teacher, an artist and a writer. I have a Multiple Subjects credential, a Single Subject credential for Art and English, LDS/ESL certification, a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education with a Mathematics focus, and Montessori certification. I have worked with all elementary grades, and with special groups including ELL, GATE, and At-Risk students. Creating Art With Kids and Share2Learn lessons and resources are designed to foster student creativity, choice, and independence, and to encourage authentic art-making. Consideration is given to developmental appropriateness, differentiation possibilities, and teacher individuality. For this reason, directions are general, expectations are open-ended, and clip art on student pages is kept to a minimum. 


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