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Articulation Kit Bundle: Assessment and Intervention is a set of articulation activities for practicing the correct production of phonemes K – G, S – Z, R and L. The remediation of a speech sound disorder requires the reorganization of phonological elements in order to establish new sound patterns needed for the formation of clear and distinct sounds. Artic-Kit addresses the phonetic aspect of speech production: the motor element of phonology which directs the coordination of articulators for sound production.

Artic-Kit includes two controlled informal assessment screeners: word naming and sentence imitation. The Artic-Kit Word Naming Screener assesses singleton consonants in 12 trials each at word level. The Artic-Kit Sentence Imitation Screener assesses consonants in 2 trials within the context of a simple sentence. These screeners are helpful to establish baseline and used periodically throughout intervention to monitor progress of correct sound production.

Artic-Kit is a themed set of materials that includes: sound awareness, identification of sound position in words, syllable level production drills, word level practice, phrase level practice, sentence level practice, and homework practice worksheets. In addition The Artic-Kit also includes: progress recording chart, organizer sleeve pockets, a spinner template with tokens for game activities and a visual model for phoneme production.