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Promote homework accountability, measure general reading comprehension, and reduce teacher workload with this printable quiz on Act 2 of As You Like It by William Shakespeare. This assessment and its answer key are delivered in both Word Document and PDF formats. By taking this assessment, students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • “Sweet are the uses of adversity”
  • Jaques’ stated reason for not hunting
  • The fundamental goodness of Adam
  • Oliver’s homicidal intentions
  • Comparing Rosalind and Orlando’s plights
  • Corin’s efforts to console a lovesick Silvius
  • Celia and Rosalind’s big purchase
  • Jaques’ combativeness and its effect on others
  • Jaques’ motivations for becoming a jester
  • An assumption that turns out to be ill-informed
  • The metaphorical language of Duke Senior